Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MTV Exit Concert at SM City Cebu

MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) is a campaign about freedom -- about our rights as human beings to choose where we live, where we work, who our friends are, and who we love. Most of us take these freedoms for granted, but hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have had these basic human rights taken away. They are victims of trafficking - modern-day slaves -- and criminals have forced, defrauded, or coerced them into various forms of labor, or prostitution.

MTV EXIT aims to increase awareness and prevention of human trafficking through television programs, online content, live events, and partnerships with anti-trafficking organizations.

The concert will be held at the SM Covered Parking Lot on October 24, 2009 (Saturday) 5PM.

For more information about this campaign please visit MTV EXIT. Or Be af fan of MTV Exit at Facebook

Because the best things in life are free!


warrs said...

pytir ni dah! adto ko ani! promise.

Mun Yin said...

This is definitely a good cause! here's an interview MTV did with a CNN site too http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/none/mtv-joins-fight-against-human-trafficking-070144

Anonymous said...

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