Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project Headshot Clinic One Youth

What: Project Headshot Clinic One Youth
When: July 04, 2009 Saturday
Where : Club Vudu, Crossroads Mall, Banilad, Cebu City

Project Headshot Clinic (HSC) is a brand new concept that merges Profile photos online and Advertising as we see campaigns, advertisements, and advocacies may easily be conveyed through our unique digitized headshots, online profile photos can be potential online billboards. Its major components are: registration, mass shooting, and mass uploading on social network web sites (as profile photo), which make HSC an effective and creative marketing tool. HSC creates curiosity and impact to those who are not yet aware or part of it. It's viral — the HSC phenomenon can attract anyone online — and we hope that you become a part of it.

Be part of the new Project Headshot Series!
The team behind the successful Project Headshot Clinic has a new advocacy. Headed by visionary photographer, Niccolo Cosme, the new series aims to promote unity of the Pinoy Youth. Through each participant's headshot photo, they recognize that they belong to one barkada, sharing the same hopes, dreams and aspirations of oneness.

This timely advocacy will gather different youths across the country -- gathering high school and college students and young professionals from Baguio to Davao.

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