Friday, June 12, 2009

Mr. Padyak at Cofee Bean Tea Leaf, I.T Park

Yesterday, June 11, Senator Mar Roxas met the Cebu Bloggers people at the Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, I.T Park, Lahug, Cebu City. We (the Cebu bloggers) met at the venue around 3:00PM and had some sort of chit chats, camwhorings, and acquaintances while waiting for Mar Roxas to arrive. Also Bon, who is part of Mar's team did some short briefing to us. Some of the Cebu Bloggers had the chance to asked Mar Roxas about random things, mostly the political sides. And since we ran out of time (Mar had some appointments, I guess), the rest of the bloggers just leave their questions in mind. Might be sending their queries via email, I bet? Not so sure though.

As of me, I really have less interest when it comes to politics. Honestly, I really don't know my stand when it comes to Philippines Politics.
Full article: Mar Roxas meets the Cebu Bloggers

Below are some photos at the venue.

Images credits to Doyzkie

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