Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A quest towards SEO by a Less than Noob SEOptimizer

I just finished writing my entry for an SEO contest. I know it's a tough contest that I am joining, maybe to some it isn't. Well, I am no good in SEO, but just giving it a try actually. The prize is kinda cool, 300 bucks for the top 1 , 150 bucks for the 2nd and 50 bucks for the 3rd. Of course, everyone wants to have those bucks in their pocket by just optimizing a certain key phrase.

Anyway, I am just giving it a try to test myself on how far I could go in terms of SEO. Taking it as a challenge. Furthermore, I already sent an email to the host with my entry, but haven't heard any feedback yet. By the way here's my entry tnomeralc web design toys .

Results will be based at:

  • Day 1: I ranked 11 meaning I am on page 2.

  • Day 3: Ranked 13th - down 5 notches, since yesterday. Now I feel the need to optimize my entry again. At the moment, I am thinking on how to balance and hit the target of proper optimization. This tnomeralc web design toys really is a close fight between pro SE Optimizers, but for me - it is great challenge to hit the rank with the key phrase tnomeralc web design toys .

  • It's over a week now since I submitted my entry for this very hot SEO contest today with the key phrase: tnomeralc web design toys . So far, my entry is running good. I am able to keep my rank in the first page, ignoring the fact that I am just a noob SE Optimizer. (See screenshot below: tnomeralc web design toys | .:: webslave's portal)

  • It's almost a month now since I submitted my entry for tnomeralc web design toys SEO contest. Well, after I lost the courage to pursue it, I was surprised last evening when I checked the latest post from Claremont's blog about the (Position / Rank as of March 29, 2009 10:00 A.M. (on +8 Timezone) using the www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=tnomeralc+web+design+toys query syntax:) for I ranked 10... (woot)
(See screenshot below: tnomeralc web design toys | .:: webslave's portal)

The conclusion:

Congratualtions to winston of batangyagit.com for winning this contest!

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