Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bisdak Blogger : SEO contest for Cebu bloggers

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Good news everyone! An SEO contest for the Cebu bloggers society members is currently going on. This contest is brought to you by Winston of

The key phrase is: Bisdak Blogger

Contest Mechanics:

1. Any member of the Cebu Bloggers Society is eligible to join. Members are forum users registered prior to the date of the start of the contest.
2. The goal of the contest is to top Google's Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs for the given contest keyword. The official results URL will be
3. Only one blog (or page) entry is allowed per person. Community blogs and aggregator blogs are not eligible in joining this competition
4. For an entry to be valid, your blog post must contain a link to with an anchor text of "SEO Tutorial" and must not contain a nofollow tag. Or you can simply copy this code : SEO Tutorial
5. The contest will run from the date of posting of this entry up to 11:59PM of January 31, 2009.
6. The winner will receive a limited edition "PINOY BLOGGER" shirt from me. The winner will be declared on February 1.

Goodluck you all guys!


Mentor said...

bro asa na dapit ang meeting place?

webslave mc'coolot said...

bai mentor, ahmm, unsa emu psabot ato na asa ang meting place? sorry na delay jd..